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2D Design and Animation Studio In India,  2D animation have become an integral part of our digital world and is considered a good source for representing our business, product, or services online and on social media.

The benefits of 2D animation are admirable compared to the long length reading texts. 2D animation plays a significant role in the growth of businesses, and personals, and gaining social media traffic.

Generally, 2D animation process includes concept design, character design, storyboard, and background design, layout design, animatic, and motions. The main benefits of 2D Animation are less production time, low in cost, and simple technology.

However, 2D artists / designers have to be creative and artistic also should be highly trained in the latest technology for great output.

Why Do You Need To Choose SKG Animation

Why do you need to choose SKG Animation - 2D Design and Animation Studio for your 2D Animation services? SKG Animation - Design and Animation Studio is one of the cheap and best animation studio in India.

SKG Animation has delivered high-quality 2D animations and design services to individuals, businesses, and other animation studios around the globe. We can help you with the best solution from designing to the final output of your animation projects.

SKG Animation studio has a team of freelance 2d animators, illustrators, and well-experienced 2D artists to provide our clients with top-notch production services.

Design and Animation keep the viewer’s attention simply as it’s easy to digest, additional entertaining  & informative. Emails, television, websites, and lots of additional B2B prospects consume online animated video content, which may convert high sales. For advertising and promotion, simple and clear animated videos will simplify your concept to your viewers.

The 2D animation process at SKG Animation Studio is carried out in different steps.

We have done some good animation movies and show animation projects like Papacause, Neb Wars, Pondscum, Bee, Carl Vincent the vampire hunter, Santa Claus Christmas story, Akee Walk, Panda Oki and many more which you can see on our 2D Animation Portfolio Page.

What we are?

Over the past many years, SKG Animation studio has been offering the best 2D services along with illustrations, cartoons and flash animations, comic book illustrations, infographic animations, children’s book illustrations, digital illustrations, and graphic designs. 

From supplying High-quality services make us one of the best 2D Design and Animation Studio in India within this short span of time. Our latest technology and good production quality give our clients satisfaction and on-demand works.

The quality of our work and efforts of our freelance 2d animators helps us to grab the position of the best studio in India. As well as we have our reputed online presence in Animation, Media & Entertainment, and Advertising Industry.

Animation Studio Website

We have our animation studio website with a wide range of work in the portfolio of our past performed projects for our clients:

2D Animation Services

Our 2D animation Services are a fascinating way to communicate a purpose to the target audience for your niche or business. Colorful, quirky videos and images can effectively promote a business without losing its primary intention.

Our services include helping you to present your story, business, or product to your potential viewers or customers with eye-catching videos and attractive illustrations to mesmerize your viewers and grab their attention towards your product.

Because if you are putting effort into making something extraordinary and unique than you definitely want to present it in public with the same passion and graphics that you imagine in your mind because if you like your thing than others will definitely like it. And that’s our work to make your project first 100% satisfactory to you and then to your viewers.

We also help our clients to simplify their concept and if needed modify it as per the public demand and latest running trends in the market.

Game Art Studio India

We are Game Art Studio in India as well, we have the best BFA, MFA, Digital artists, and animators to make high-quality digital illustrations and animations for gaming studios and game makers.

We have some good and passionate digital artists who are skilled to make simple to difficult game character designs, backgrounds, and layouts, concept designs for mobile /video games from vector to realistic drawings.

Some of our concept character designs and realistic background designs work can be seen on our website illustration portfolio section.

Benefit Of Hiring SKG Animation - 2D Design and Animation Studio

  • High-quality design and animation work at a low price.
  • Easy and Fast Communication.
  • Availability in your country timezone.
  • Multiple revisions to satisfaction.
  • Regular updates on the project process.
  • Good understanding and observing of your requirement
  • Back support 
  • Always available for our client’s help even after finishing the project.
  • Help with marketing and promotion of your project in our wide network at no cost.
  • Help our clients to connect with financiers, investors, broadcasting companies, TV channels, and funding agents.
  • Deliver Digital Marketing Services if required at minimum cost.
  • Help clients to guide, if needed.
  • Help writers, authors in self-publishing of their books on online stores
  • Book Design. editing .formatting services.
  • Eventually, we never leave our clients just with the animation we help them till they want us to help.


When you will approach SKG Animation - 2D Design and Animation Studio in India for your project, you will get the work the way you want to present it to the world, because it is your creation and we value your feelings and thoughts about your idea. We carefully take care of your project requirement and create your animation by using your vision and our creativity to present it as unique and one and only animated movie, show or video like and loved by the world.

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