Why Born Artist Consider Working in Animation?


Why Born Artist Consider Working in Animation? Well, deciding what career field to select maybe it’s difficult and exciting. loads of your time, effort, and cash get in an effort the abilities and coaching that’s required to launch a brand new career. 

Before creating a commitment, it’s useful to understand that you’re following a profession that suits your nature and interest.

The animation is actually not the field for everyone but who has spent hours making sketches of their favorite cartoon characters. however, there’s a dilemma between being an animation student or really deserving of being an animator.

The animation business based on artistic and technical skills both, thus it needs a novel mix of talents. there's no specific description of an ideal animation artist, however, there are some common characteristics that a lot of animators share.

I am mentioning some characteristics here which will recommend that you are fit for a career as an animator.

You should select the animation industry if…


1. You are Born Artist

Lots of individuals spend their days fighting unsatisfactory circumstances in their lives. however, that’s not you. after you decided to go with your best, you'll be able to notice some way to have an interest in the digital world. and after getting into the study of your interest area, a great pleasure lights up in your mind.

“The best animators were born artists,” they always like to spend their childhood time with drawing sheets or reading comics and practicing making their favorite characters. They always had a dream with them all the time that one day my drawing or my character will be in a movie.

They could not stop themselves from thinking about cartoons, favorite comics or cartoon show which stream on TV at fixed times and they run towards the TV from anywhere not to miss their favorite cartoon show. In my case especially that was “Hi-Man Cartoon” and “Batman Movies”.

2. You were Creative and Artistic

Maybe you were the child who loves drawing the scenes of your favorite animated movie and stories with your own imagination of the scene would be. otherwise, you were continually drawn to be creative with that. sensible you create your own story with your natural artistic skills, and everybody says that this boy or girl has really extraordinary drawing skills. That actually helps you for knowing that you are the one made to be an animator.

“An animator always is an imaginative person,” The sign of this quality is that you always see things in different ways like if a boy playing a game with you so while playing you can imagine his next move or expected move before he does so.

This is the basic instinct found in most of the great animators, and do you know what else I found common in all they are quite sharp-minded and inbuilt team leader quality.

Storytelling skill is remarkable—By nature, an animator has the exceptional ability of storytelling, if they look any character or read a story a born animator can imagine the best compelling scenes which attract the viewer’s attention.

3. You're Analytical

Do you have a passion to try to draw whatever you saw? Do you love watching things from different prospectives? Or finding the logic of any shape is your habit, does the imagination of movement return to your conclusions? Or you are curious about how things work? That means you are analytical, however, it’s a very important a part of animation likewise.

“An animator has an analytical mind,” “Animation includes making varied animation design with software or hand-drawn skills. And an animator’s  curiosity and constant observations to know how the things work and move to specific this information in animation.”

Since the art of animation is covered the digital world, technology could be a vast part of the task.

“Even if the objects move in an exaggerated manner, they still follow the laws of physics”.

4. Deep Concentration Comes Simply for You

Maybe you'll be able to lose yourself for hours in an exceedingly drawing or a book. or even you discover yourself following a desirable topic on Twitter while not missing an issue. in spite of what it's, if one thing catches your interest, you'll be able to lock in and provides it your full attention.

In animation, this can be a significant talent. the general method of making a series of pictures that move seamlessly takes tons longer than most might even fathom. The flexibility to concentrate for an extended amount of your time is vital in animation. If you struggle staying centered even on comes you fancy, this may doubtless be a barrier.

As animation needs abundant effort, lack of diligence, and a spotlight would be the most obstacles to succeeding. whereas you'll be appealed by the concept of that abundant careful, technical work, most animators notice it pleasing to check what they spent hours drawing come back to life.

5. You've Got A Decent Sense of Humor

Do you like to joke around with the individuals in your life? does one appreciate comedy and also the refined motions and gestures that push jokes over the top? If you are doing, bring that sense of humor in your animation career.

The animation is commonly related to a sense of humor in a very direct manner consistent with after you consider it, you almost certainly image cartoons. “Emotional fellow feeling with a decent sense of humor would very facilitate someone to make participating and appealing animations,” 

Animators have a wonderful sense of visual communication, expression, and gestures—and usually, the funniest individuals skills to exaggerate these visual cues for supplementary results.

The sense of humor is different from expressing creative thinking. Even on the far side of the animation itself, it is easier to figure with folks that you have a decent sense of humor and a few naturalness. For things wherever you may work with a team of individuals, your sense of humor will create chemistry among them.

6. You're Dependent on What You Create

You might want to put your name on a piece of art or an animation project. after you imagine something, you're feeling excited or urge to bring that concept to life. in spite of what alternative traits you've got or don’t have, passion for the task is what actually makes or breaks animator.

“The most vital attribute out and away is passion,” “If you’re addicted to creating sensible animation, you may regain, as a result of you may continually come to the pc. Passion can keep you at your work, creating it as gorgeous as doable.

What Keep You Moving?

Animation may be the proper career to allow you to leverage a number of your natural qualities and skills in a plenty artistic career you'll be able to fancy. however, the animation isn't employment fabricated from strictly soft skills. The technical ability could be a should, which suggests possessing these traits is just the beginning. If you’d wish to learn a lot of concerning what you’ll want for a career in animation, inspect our article, “Do you've Got What It Takes for a Career in Animation?”

Animator Career

If you are an artist by nature so choosing a career in animation is one for you. In an animation career, you will receive high paid salaries and also the freedom to work in your own way, a career in animation can be the right choice for you. After a few years of working your skills will be polished and you can go with specialization in video games, and alternative sorts of media use animation will boost your position, but at the start, I recommend you consider learning more than the earning more.

Benefit Of Being A Freelance Animator

The benefits of being a freelance animator are various however we'll be highlighting many. we've mentioned earlier that a freelance animator will work on his own time and schedule. 

You don’t need to attend the client’s workplace. this permits you to just accept additional comes from many projects you have got to confirm you deliver them on time. Plus, once a freelance animator is sick or desires to require a while off, they don’t have to be compelled to raise permission or feel guilty. they simply have it away. 

You just select a career that suits your temperament. You don’t need to operate with a team, then being a freelance animator would work well for you.

Being able to decide what project you would like to take or clients you'd prefer to work for is another advantage of being a freelance animator


As a born artist consider working in animation is good whereas there are always merits and demerits of every profession, but one thing is precise that you will feel good working as an animator because this is your basic interest area and you love making creative things, in case if you want to share your experience with us regarding your journey from being a born artist to animator so write us on the comment box below or send us about your experience we will share that to help more born artists to give a path.

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