How to Hire a Freelance Animatic Maker?


An Animatic Maker interprets a script and plots it out visually, shot by shot. While Animatic was originally developed for animation and animatic is a rough form of animation or animated storyboards, it has also been used in an animated film for decades. Today, an animatic is an integral part of the animation production for a variety of media, including television, advertising, movies, video games, and educational materials. Finding the right freelance animatic maker for your next project is a crucial part of its success.

What is Animatic?

An animatic could be a sequence of scenes, typically with sound effects. In essence, it’s an animated storyboard. The goal of animatic is to outline the temporal arrangement for a bit of moving image. once used with an audio recording, they’re a fast and simple thanks to getting away from a finished piece of moving image. they’re at the center of the pre-production method.

How do Animatics Differ from Storyboards?

Storyboards and animatics are closely connected steps within the pre-production method however they’re not a constant factor. One comes before the opposite within the progress however they’re each designed for one purpose: finding and focusing the visual storytelling.

Animatics use identical pictures as storyboards, however, seamed along as a sequence of shots. They’re rendered as video, with sound effects.

Animatics and storyboards share identical pictures, however, that’s concerning it. An animatic is all concerning sequence order of pictures and sound to make a glimpse of the finished piece.

The distinction between a storyboard and an animatic is very giant in terms of however they assist focus the storytelling. The storyboard becomes the place to begin for visually planning your project. It permits the broad strokes of your story to come back through, as well as camera placement and shot composition.

The next step is to require those storyboards to animate them with an animatic. You’re currently one step nearer a finished film.

Having an animated storyboard is vastly helpful to any project, particularly animation.

Animatics will be used for live-action films however their biggest profit is for animation. there’s abundant less flexibility in animation compared to live-action, wherever you’ll be able to capture multiple takes of one shot till you discover the simplest one. These cultivate takes and therefore the ability to edit them along doesn’t very exist in animation. In animation, you’re “shooting” and “editing” at constant time.

How do Animatics Differ from a Final Animation?

Animatics use low-resolution pictures to convey the temporal arrangement of a chunk of moving image, instead of the polished final piece. creating changes to a final animation are often time overwhelming. A well thought of animatic permits you to explore concepts with no need to fret regarding obtaining everything good initial time.

What to Look For

Does their portfolio impress you?

When picking an Animatic Maker, their portfolio is their major selling point. It needs to display excellent work and a good understanding of animation script.

How well they perform with your idea, you, and your team?

If you’re hiring an artist locally, be sure to have a personal meeting so you can get to know the freelancer and introduce them to the group. The animation is highly collaborative, so your ideal artist should have great communication skills.

Can the Animatic maker work within your budget?

This is not only about pay. Your animatic maker needs to be able to place the scenes that can be done in animation originally within the budget you have.

Know What You Need

How much creative freedom will you be giving your Animatic Maker?

Do you want an animation artist who performs best with your detailed instructions or someone with a lot of independent creative skills? Both working styles have value, but they require precise skill sets.

Does their style fit your project?

This one is really important, but you’ll need an artist who matches the rest of the production style. For example, an Animatic maker trained in very cartoony animation which may be the style may not be the best fit for a semi-realistic animation.

What are you using the Animatic for?

If you’ll be using these Animatics as a practical tool to shoot your video, what’s most important is that they’re clear enough for the rest of your team to work off of. However, if they’ll be part of your animation project for seeking production funding, you’ll need high-quality work that really impresses buyers or investors of your project.

Five Questions to Ask When Hiring an Animatic Maker

What is your typical Animatic Maker speed?

Good Animatic Maker needs to work fast. Can your animatic maker produce enough frames within the time period of your production schedule?

Do you have experience working on similar projects?

Animatics are used for all types of video, so make sure your candidate has the right skills for the job.

How important are deadlines?

Deadlines are important for any freelancer artist or freelance animator, but it’s especially important for Animatic makers because the whole production pipeline holds on them. You don’t want the rest of your creative team being held up waiting for finished Animatics.

What are your fees?

If you describe your project details properly, so your animatic maker should be able to give you a clear quote on your project. If they stuck on this question, it may be possible your animatic maker doesn’t have much experience.

Have you worked with production management software?

If you’re working with someone remotely, they’ll need to be able to deliver Animatics to you using the right format. Not needed for him to be friendly with your particular software although he needs to be an expert to give you the finished rendered format you required for further use.


Making animatic is certainly a talent because an animatic maker needs the skill to understand the concepts and project ideas very well to give whatever exactly needed by the animation team to produce final animation. I mentioned as many details required to know “How to hire a freelance animatic maker” and if you are looking for one for your project do not hesitate to contact me to discuss it or to get a free quote for your animatic production.

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