Why Animation Video Important for Businesses?


Why Animation Video Important for Businesses? should you have one, or not? Well, clearly and shortly. YES! You definitely have one. And it very does not matter if you are a freelancer, small business, or corporation. And let me tell you why!

Basically, their area unit simply 2 major steps in each business: attraction and conversion.

You need to draw in a visitant and convert them into a paying client. That's it. And videos will considerably facilitate with each step! 

Let's begin with attraction. Imagine that an internet visitant comes across your website. There's lots of text and pictures explaining what you are doing and how nice your product or services area unit. But that is very not thanks for grabbing the visitor's attention.

After reading for one or 2 minutes they will merely leave the positioning bored. and you will lose potential clients forever!  let's assume that rather than the boring text you've got a 1 or 2-minute animation video explaining all the vital stuff during a short but unforgettable format that viewers will truly enjoy!

Studies have shown that video area units processed by the brain 60,000 times quicker than text!  

So you'll be able to very offer your guests tons of information in mere a brief whereas, which is strictly the thanks to earning attraction! People who are in additional will probably share your content if it is delivered via animation video.

This means that guests can unfold your story through social media and attract additional folks to go to your website. In alternative words, this is often however you increase traffic which is then mirrored by search engines through an improved SEO rank. See? You're obtaining additional attractive! Now, once you have the attraction.

let me tell you the ways where videos facilitate a conversion. 70% of marketers report that video converts better than alternative content sorts. 

Why? Because your prospective clients will see what you are doing or selling! Getting additional elaborate info results in making assured purchase selections.

Also, video permits you to actually stand out from the group and strengthen your whole trustiness.

People love videos! And you are proof. You simply watched one. Right? So allow us to facilitate you!

We can recommend the most effective video strategy for your business, and manufacture it for you from beginning to end. Contact us for free quote

Why Animated Videos For Businesses?

Why Animated Videos For Businesses? Well, animated videos are a real game-changer in the way we present information on the web and it's getting bigger every day as the preferred medium for viewers on mobile devices and tablets because it's so easy to watch and keep it handy.

The information if you have a static webpage without video then you are more than likely getting beaten down in the search engine rankings game by sites that do use animated videos just like this one is a brand new trend that's here to stay and sooner or later you will need to embrace video in your marketing.

If you don't want your website to become extinct or go the way of the dinosaurs with a clever and innovative mix of video and cartoon images real-time drawings and storytelling your message to your market becomes so compelling and addictive to watch.

Your viewers will not be able to press the stop button until the very end now isn't that the biggest problem in marketing holding your viewers’ attention long enough for them to see and understand what you truly have to offer.

we have all experienced dull boring and painful presentations that we call death by PowerPoint with an animated video we can give you more detail and illustrate your products and ideas without the risk of boring your viewers.

Watching a drawing and a picture being revealed is addictive because when we watch someone drawing we can't wait to see what's being finally revealed.

We all have information overload to deal with too much to read too many emails and advertising messages coming at us by the thousands every day and getting through the clutter to your prospective clients is an ever-increasing challenge great storytellers sell more.

Let's tell the truth here about selling and not get shy about it in business. We all want to make the sales process easier we want our prospective clients inviting us into their world as a welcome guest rather than an annoying pest great storytellers.

Tell great stories about their businesses and about themselves to keep interested all the way to the very end. They use color music humor and a soundtrack that makes the message he not sticky like a brown wooden stick but sticky in the mind so you cannot forget it.

Animations let your imagination run wild with the animated video you can let your imagination run wild and draw anything anywhere just like young children who can do anything a pilot at five or a ballerina at seven.

They have no limits to their creative world of fantasy and make-believe. Now you can use the power of your imagination and hire a professional animation studio or freelance animators to really show off your truly amazing products.

If you want to launch a product or services online with attractive motion graphics then it's just a few brush strokes away when people like it they will share it the holy grail of.

Marketing is having your video go viral shares likes and comments are critical to rankings on the web, and your customers will share your video when you make it fun and entertaining to do so so check out our portfolio of animated video for businesses we made.

Animations and our testimonials from happy clients and give us a call and we'll talk to you and help you get started in this very cost-effective way to boost traffic click-through rates and conversion rates by the way.

If you're having trouble convincing your business partner or your boss to take a leap of faith into the animation video and online marketing world then check out our marketing video projects we did for our clients.

Animation Video Making Process For Businesses

How do you mark it or explain what your company does? how do you bring your brand message to life? how do you tell your story in just a minute? if you have chosen to tell your brand story through a video then probably you're thinking in the right direction.

The video has become the norm for content marketing creating an animated video to tell your story may seem like a lot of work but really it's the simple science, let's give you a walk-through of our content hub to tell your story to your customers.

We need to first, get inside your head this is why we ask all those questions broad nod and apps to more than our research strategist get down to business studying your brand guidelines narrowing down your objective and digging up dirt on the competition.

Our content strategists then set up the framework needed to engage your audience and accomplish the goals set during the kick-off.

Our freelance animators and storytellers come up with awesome video concepts and create the script from scratch which is then shared with you for your approval.

At this point, your input will be detailed them up to ensure that the terminology the language and the tone do a miracle to your brand. Once the scripts have your approval or our storyboard artists prepare a storyboard as per your script.

We will also send storyboards to help you visualize or to ensure that the video follows the brand guidelines in terms of color styles openness of the frame logo positioning etc.

Once you have finalized this and picked out a voice artist of your choice or sound engineers carefully record the script with special emphasis on the pronunciation and voice modulation

Now our freelance artists and animators are ready to leave their magic and create your awesome video. But we are not finished yet, if you are marketing on different digital media platforms one version is probably not enough you should consider versions of your video. 

How an Animation Video Work for Businesses?

If you're marketing on YouTube these could include five-second edits for Instagram also we deliver the video in many web and PC friendly formats so let's go tell a story.

Do you think that getting a video like this will facilitate your business? here are some facts that will end all of your worries according to Forbes magazine, 59 percent of senior executives prefer to watch the video instead of reading text.

If both are available on the same webpage search engine says, the visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors.

In the meantime, our marketing team performed a split test that disclosed web pages consisting of animated videos attracted thirty-three times more monthly visitors, while the organic traffic for pages having videos also increases by one hundred percent.

Still, doubtful implicant looted that email and animated video increases click rates by 96 percent, SEO moz.com reported a blog post without a video attracts three times less inbound links as compared to a blog post with a video works video explainers, makes videos for companies that want to lead and succeed.

Benefits of Making Animated Videos for Business:

  • Help your business stand out from the competition.
  • Boost conversion rates.
  • Engage with your potential customers.
  • Improved SEO.
  • Impress clients at sales meetings and attract attention at events.
  • Help clients to understand your product or services.
  • Save your time, money, and efforts.
  • Expanding your reach on social media platforms.
  • Bring your business ideas to life.
  • Brand development can be easily promoted through animated videos.


In this world of digital marketing, the animation video becomes very important for businesses to reach their potential clients and circulate words about their products or services in an easy way. 

Because nobody has time to read long texts about what you are offering or selling on your website and a video gives them details about your business within a few mins without putting their efforts into reading long texts.

Here I explained various reasons “Why Animation Video Important for Businesses” of course to give comfort and detailed information to your potential customers, and to reach the places where texts won’t work.

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