How to Attract Potential Animation Clients


To attract potential animation clients first thing we need is a good portfolio, as the portfolio is your first impression on your potential client. A wide range of styles in your work increases the chance of being selected by the client for their project if he will find a similar work sample in your portfolio what he is looking for so it will increase the chance of being hired by him or her.

Work Rates

The second most important and considerable part is your rates, as we can say this is the challenge of freelancing to explain and convince the clients for your given rates, as in this competitive era all freelance animators have to keep their rates as low as possible to get the clients. Or you have to have strong conversation skills where you can explain to the client why your given rates are legitimate as per the quality of work they want and what they will get as extra in said price compare to other animators. Then and then only your client will be convinced to give you work rates you are asking for. 

Turnaround Time

Certainly turnaround time sometimes really a big concern for some clients because of some fixed schedule of launching or presenting their project in the market place to sell or for broadcasting opportunity. So they ask for less turnaround time for completion of their animation project, so you must be flexible and available to work fast on their project without losing the quality they want for their project.

Working Terms

Mutual working terms makes this process easy and trustworthy, generally, animators work either on a fixed price or per hour so prior discussion and agreement on the total price of the project or number of hours required to finish the project are integral and under these terms, the total number of free revisions should be clearly included otherwise it can cause the main reason of clash and misunderstanding between both parties. So a mutual agreement should be written and signed by both client and animator is essential to move forward.

Free Revisions

Word "Free" always stands at first and attract more people towards it, and free revisions mean to a client like freedom three or more time he can put his idea to the scene as per his expectation from the shot, sometimes some clients completely change the scene to make their animation more appealing to viewers so here animator should be very flexible and ready for such type of corrections or this type of circumstances should be mentioned in agreement if the animator has to charge for this type of changes which is not in original animation script given by the client at the time of initial discussion. And animator should try to make more free corrections to give the client comfort and satisfaction on their project to make this relationship strong and longterm.

Points to be considered when reaching potential clients 

  • Reach potential clients with a generous introduction of yourself.
  • Present your work with a short description.
  • Ask clients feedback on your work.
  • If he/she likes your work politely ask to take you into consideration for their requirement.
  • If the client agrees to discuss his/her project, be available. 
  • Ask for the project details with reference to the style of work he/she want.
  • Show him similar work or close to his choice of work.
  • Ask him/her for what they will provide from their side.
  • Give them a cost and describe what services include at a given cost.
  • Give them mutual and easy working terms they feel safe and comfortable in.
  • If the client asks you to wait for a while to start with the project, so just patiently wait.

"Followup" followup is the key to relationship building and attracting clients towards you because, it feels to them like you are serious about their project, and give them more trustworthy feelings to hire you for their project.

Most Important Things to find Animation Industry Clients

Be Aware and Active

The First and foremost thing is to find animation clients is to be aware and active in the industry, always ready with your portfolio and be regular with spreading words about your services in social media, post your professional work or daily practices on your social pages so that if any client will be in need and start searching for artist or animator will not miss you as animation business is show business that means always show the best of your creativity and skills, as this is the most integral part of getting animation industry clients from attracting them towards you.

Refer yourself or ask for referrals

When your connect with anybody introduce your self at best way despite to spamming people with long cover letter be friendly, professional and decent with your introduction, keep it short and effective but don’t forget to ask them to share your portfolio or website in their network and if anybody in their circle needs services you offer, this is the key of getting new clients from referrals as it works like a miracle sometimes. Let me share an incident I was connected with one of person who was the owner of a sound studio and as general I sent an email as per my regular schedule to ask for work and at that same time somebody asked him for an artist to do his work and at the same time my email appeared in his inbox and he transfers my email to that concerned person who was looking for an artist for his work and then he contacted me with details and our deal cracked and that was the best project of my life which came from a referral. So that why I am saying don’t forget to ask for referrals and sharing.

Take your competitors as clients too

In animation business certainly, nobody is your competitor as animation business runs through connections maybe you are taking one as your competitor but maybe he is your future client. Be connected with everyone like with other fellow animation artists, freelance animators or animation studios for opportunities as we all know there is no specific person or company need animation or design work every company or individual may need it so do not lose the chance to connect with everyone comes to you or around you.


As a freelance animator or studio owner, we always are stuck with the question that “How to attract potential animation clients” but this is only you can answer this question because everyone has a different set of communication skills and everybody has their own way of convincing the clients, I can only suggest the ways where we can find potential clients but attracting them towards you is completely in your own hands. As much as your work and communication will be effective clients themselves attract to you.

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